"Jungkook's 'Seven', another record... No. 1 in over 200 regions around the world"

Here are the articles they've released about BTS so far

"Jungkook's "Seven". Another record...No. 1 in more than 200 regions of the world"
"Capturing the human Kim Namjoon"... RM's solo concept photo
"RM, open the scintillator..."5 videos just in MVs... His love for ARMY""
"RM, solo release on May 24th..."A story of universal emotions"
"BTS, 8.9 billion won in support...'LOVE MYSELF' opens second act"
"BTS, No. 1 in era rankings... Group with the most sales in 5 years"

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1. Dispatch ❤️ Hybe 

2. They suit each other

3. Pfft ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ...I was expecting something like that and they delivered

4. But this isn't sajaegi right?

5. Their relationship sure is good 

6. But this is so hilarious seriously... You can tell their agenda clearly 

7. Dispatch ❤️ Hybe. I've always wondered why they left such a huge impression on being particularly positive when it came to Hybe 

8. My trust towards Dispatch has vanished since the Ryu Junyeol, Han Sohee event

9. I'm so freaking tired of their mediaplay

10. But their relationship being good aside, this is a real record that they've established, so aren't they just writing an article for that? It's not even about the song that is currently under controversy for sajaegi... Isn't this a real record? 

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