Recently, the parts appearing in comparative videos are not the ones I choreographed, so I'll upload them because I think there might be people who are worried!

The parts I made are also uploaded on my Instagram: I did the ✋ part, a part of the first verse, a part of the second verse, and only the intro. To avoid misunderstandings, I'll upload them


It's the person who was in charge of the finger part of Magnetic's chorus
She also was in charge of aespa's choreography this time.. 
This person has already released all the parts she was in charge of on IG 
None of her parts had anything to do with the overlapping choreographies with NewJeans
She's a choreographer who has nothing to do with HYBE so she released her separate statement 
Meanwhile, HYBE's performance directors are all shutting their mouths ㅋㅋㅋ

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1. Yup, she has nothing to do with the choreographies that were overlapping, it was the performance director who touched up the choreography after

2. It's because those other people actually plagiarized, so they're not saying anything... 

3. Who's the Korean performance director??!

4. The Korean performance director was the one who stole NewJeans' moves, of course they won't say anything ㅠㅠ

5. Nobody claimed that the "You you you you" finger part was plagiarized, the problematic parts are something else

6. The part that this person did was the "You you you" part, that's the point of the choreography 

7. Nobody said that the finger choreography was plagiarized, so who cares

8. Anyways, the person who plagiarized wasn't her 

9. Hul Renan

10. But the culprit isn't this person 

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