I can't get a job at this age, so I live as a hikikomori, and my parents are working and having a hard time...

I really want to disappear...

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1. Sigh... This is so deplorable, and you're still living with your parents...?
> (OP) Yes
> I bet your parents are embarrassed of you leaving this kind of comments like that 

2. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'm the same age as you... But still, at 27, I decided to become a public servant... If you do this, at least you'll gain some form of respect... 
> (OP) That's impressive... Sigh, I'm studying to become one right now, but I'm not doing too well...
> I bet you have no social skills

3. You need to try anything at this point. You don't need to get a job right away, but start by taking a walk outside
> (OP) I'm too scared to walk outside... I'm scared of places with people... 
> Have you tried going to the hospital for this?
> (OP) I don't have money, so I just watch Youtube videos..
> Is this something your parents can't help you with?? First of all, you should go to the hospital to get it checked and you should be able to find some type of part-time job too..
> (OP) I don't think my parents can help.. Looking at the comments, maybe I can get a production job 

4. ㅋㅋ Honestly, you're just complaining about being sorry for your parents
If you were truly sorry, you'd get a job right away and you would've gotten at least a production job
> (OP) That's true... Me too, I think I'm the worst

5. Do you have some kind of social anxiety trauma?
> (OP) My social anxiety is so severe... I'm so scared of people...

6. The comments here have too many crazy people

7. Is there anything you want to do?
 > (OP) Hmm... I want to be a public servant, so I'm studying at home, but I'm so lethargic, that I can't bring myself to do it 

8. I feel like you must have a reason to have become a hikikomori, why are you scared of people and why are you avoidant? 
> (OP) I feel like it's just that big and small wounds have been piling up 
> But I feel like you could've tried to resolve them?
> (OP) I was actually proactively trying to do so in my early 20s... I don't know somehow I ended up where I'm like that but I don't know why 

9. People can feel easily depressed for staying at home, you need to try to go outside 

10. Let's do it slowly. OP needs to try at least something you feel like doing 

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