She continued, “In the past, we wanted to stand out even from far away [from the camera/audience] (even in rehearsals) so we worked really hard performing until the end, but now there’s something called ‘individual fancam.’ I feel like everyone can feel like they have more leeway/allowed to be lazy because each one has ‘one shot,’” she said.

She said, “When I saw them [rehearse], I thought, ‘These friends are rehearsing so half-heartedly" and ‘Why are they being so lazy these days?’ then I thought, ‘Oh, was that a sound check?’” she said with a smile. At the same time, she expressed doubt, “But even during sound check, you have to make sure the breathing and positions are all coordinated.”

She continued, “I realized that rehearsal are so much less tiring these days. There are quite a lot of new things. But you know? I guess there is a saying that goes like this: First time, last time, every time. Always do it like the first time, every time, always. You need to rehearse every time as if it's the real thing." 

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1. SNSD really still works hard despite how much seniority they have

2. But don't SNSD also slack off during their rehearsal..? There's that famous fancam about them rehearsing too
> But that was 7 years into their debut ㅋㅋ They were still more hardworking 7 years into it than some idols right now

3. But they're allowed to say something like that... Even when they half-*ss their rehearsal, at least, they still get everything right 

4. Did she forget her roots?... She's the one who half-*sses her rehearsals too 

5. It's kinda weird that she's judging people based on how they rehearse

6. There's a reason why they're in for the long-run. And this group is good at singing live

7. The issue is not laziness, it's the lack of talent 

8. Isn't music shows rehearsal just for them to check for camera work?

9. I don't think she knows what she's talking about. If a rookie nowadays really acted like that, they'd be in a huge problem 

10. You may think that Soshi is slacking off their rehearsal, but their movements and timing are all coordinated, so why are people pissed at her for saying that? ㅋㅋㅋ... And Soshi was even famous for remembering every camera placement during a performance despite the fact that there was a technical difficulty and the red light didn't come on the cameras... 

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