But there's such a huge gap in between members that people say that it's the difference between a new employee and a manager

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1. It's because the photocard sales go directly to their paycheck ㅇㅇ

2. TripleS is receiving their pay directly from photocard sales right?
> That's the worst... It's like they're urging the fans to buy their stuff

3. Wow... Who said this?
> The company 

4. Hul... 

5. What a relief 

6. They sell a lot of albums too 

7. Wow how are they getting paid? They're doing better than I expected 

8. 24 people x 5000 is 1.2 billion won (886K USD), the company is already at that level of revenue?? ㄷㄷ
> It's because the company is super small 

9. Looks like signing up for it when you're young and do a hit and run for the money isn't bad after all 

10. I was looking at another group and looks like it's taking so long for them to get paid, it's nice that they're getting paid right away at least 

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