t/n: OP means weak mentality/unhealthy mentality, basically when you're not in your most rational/healthy state

For me, I'd indulge myself in communities

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1. I'd go eye shopping and want to buy everything 

2. I'd meet any man, really any man ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ... I would just hate even seeing my family or my friends, it makes me feel worse

3. Cry, open the window, but I lack courage to "do" it so I'd close the window, and cry more 

4. I once pierced 7 holes in my earsㅋㅋ ㅠㅠ

5. I think I overspend and my sense of money will become dull.
I will buy things on installments and buy things I don't need, but I don't realize I'm wasting my money.
Right now, I'm still paying off that karma.

6. Only ordering delivery food and not cleaning the house, not doing laundry, not washing myself, meeting random people, only watching OTT at home
+I'm overcoming it right now and I hope everyone who commented here stays healthy ㅜㅠ

7. I get really jealous, so in that state, I can't congratulate others on their happiness, and I get depressed and have a lot of ugly thoughts

8. Cry and sleep and repeat this sequence for several days

9. I would stop contacting anyone for months except my mom, dad and unnie

10. I'd sleep all day and put my phone on airplane mode and not talk to anyone 

11. Binge eating
Make a specific plan to d*e
And become super erratic

12. Binge eating, not sleep, or cry myself to sleep due to stress

13. My room will become a trashcan, binge eating, vomiting the food I eat 

14. I'd ask people for advice and listen carefully to their advice

15. Sleep all day 

16. Smoking, either binge eat or starve, sleep all day 

17. Spend my entire day scrolling through communities 

18. Not wash my hair for 2 weeks straight and just watch videos on social media

19. Binge eat

20. One night stand 

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