... is freaking fascinating... their nose don't really look any taller and it doesn't look like they go their eyelids done either but they are still slowly upgrading.
To be honest, I didn't find this guy handsome and I've never called him handsome when he first debuted. But seeing him randomly popping in the Shorts lately, I think that he's gotten much better looking. 
I'm just curious about what he did
By the way, I don't hate The Boyz and I like Sunwoo so please don't take PDF of this... seriously, I'm simply in awe

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1. [+164, -6]
It's just nice-looking people becoming more handsome over time. Just look at the SEVENTEEN kids, the same happened to them

2. [+75, 0]
This is unrelated but aren't the RIIZE kids the opposite of this??! They probably received all the treatments that exist as celebrities but they never look as good as they did at their debut

3. [+48, 0]
Most of the kids who are already above average will look way better with facial massage and skin treatment no?

4. [+37, -1]
Him and Younghoon got so much handsomer. Their bone structure grew out prettily. Especially their T-zone and chin

5. [+26, 0]
It's not just nose surgery or fillers, did you know that there's also a way to put in melting threads and raise the tip of the nose temporarily?? I first knew there was such a thing because a close friend told me she actually goes to do it periodically... There are so many more types of procedures (?) in the real world than we know, and just imagine how many do celebrities get...

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