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1. Crazy crazy crazy

2. Is Karina going for the Cleopatra concept?

3. Ugh, these unnies

4. Giselle is insane

5. Wow the first photo of Giselle is legendary

6. Giselle is a f*cking hot girl

7. Wow this is so innovative but they pulled it off perfectly

8. Wow I f*cking like female idols with the eyebrow scratch. How is SM so good at attacking otakus?

9. Ha... Aeri-yahㅠ

10. Karina is f*cking hip

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1. The song is so good???? I actually didn't like Supernova as a pre-release but once it got released, I was hookedㅋㅋㅋ this one is just freaking good

2. This is good

3. The song is good

4. They are crazy.... this is f*cking good

5. Ningning and Winter are insane...

6. At first, it was strange but I was hooked by the end

7. Wow seriously, this is such a new concept. Both the song and dance

8. Karina is crazy

9. No... ha... it's crazy... ha...

10. This is different from Supernova but also so good

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