"The issue is that your relationships seem vague and ambiguous and you don't have answers for any of them" 

The characteristics of someone who is a pushover: 
1. I am afraid of the other party for fear of having some unknown disadvantage

2. Irritability, anger, anxiety, etc. I'm unable to express these feelings 
So your coping mechanism becomes acting out the complete opposite way so that your true emotions don't get out

3. If I refuse something, I might hurt the other person, and I will feel guilt over it 

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1. That's me, and it's so hard for me to fix it. I try to be conscious of this issue 

2. These people look like they have a weak ego?

3. I'm totally like that, but I'm also not a pushover. I think this is case by case

4. This is me... I've been living my life like that 

5. I used to be like that when I was young, but now that I've aged and I've worked at this f*cked up company, I've became so evil 

6. Isn't this just a kind person?

7. It's so hard for me to build my ego 

8. That's so me, when I was in school, it was even hard for me to be annoyed or angry towards other kids ㅠ

9. Why is she talking about me 

10. Working at an office should resolve this 

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