Nowadays, there's something of great importance in the US cosmetic industry
And it's "inclusivity"
"non-discriminatory inclusiveness; inclusiveness; inclusive (definition), tolerance (not discriminating), * cf. inclusiveness ;..."

What does this mean?
It's important to make sure your foundation is inclusive regardless of race.

Most of the foundations released to date were too light for black people

That's why foundation inclusivity are becoming increasingly important
and there are influencers who almost specialize in these reviews.

It's especially important that the darkest foundation in a brand's foundation line is dark enough.
But in this case, the darkest shade of Youthforia Foundation is problematic.
Why?? Because it's just black.

You might think "aren't there black people who are this dark?"

but the problem is that there are no undertones
Of course black people have warm cool tones too.
But this one is just pure black without any undertones

One side is Youthforia's darkest foundation and one side is just plain black paint. Distinguishable?

The top is just pure black foundation and the bottom is Youthforia

I bet that there are still kids asking "aren't there still kids with this shade of skin?? What is the issue??"

When mixed with other foundation, yes, it's just gray
No matter how dark-skinned black people are, the only black people with ashy undertones are dead people.

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1. What's wrong with people

2. To be honest, their intentions are pretty obvious

3. This is so mean

4. It's not like any new product in a company comes out in a day, it's planned, prototyped, met, and communicated between departmentsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ there must've been at least one person who was against this so it basically means that the boss at the top shut the criticism down

5. Wow this is seriously insaneㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ the level of that business...

6. Wow trash

7. I get that there are people who are very dark but they straight up only used black pigment. F*ck, this is just racism

8. People pay for this, so this is racism

9. What is this... might as well just use black paint at this rate

10. This isn't some army camouflage cream. Is this a joke?

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