The former head of SM Entertainment seems to be planning a return to the entertainment industry. Recent reports reveal that Lee Soo Man has applied for a new trademark, “A20 Entertainment,” through his personal company, Blooming Grace.

According to My Daily, the trademark application was filed on May 3 and spans a wide range of categories. These include entertainment, video game devices, advertising, real estate, recorded and downloadable media, animal care advisory services, clothing, transportation, design, food and beverage services, medical services, and legal services.

As most fans know, Lee parted ways with SM Entertainment in March last year after a heated management dispute.

Following his departure, he signed a stock purchase agreement with HYBE. This agreement included clauses that prevented him from engaging in production activities within South Korea for three years. Additionally, he is prohibited from hiring SM Entertainment employees or signing contracts with SM Entertainment artists during this period.

Since leaving SM, Lee has focused on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) projects through Blooming Grace, avoiding any direct involvement in the domestic entertainment scene due to the non-compete clause.

The clause hasn’t stopped media outlets from being interested and speculating about his new trademark application. With the process of having it approved still being under review, the name of the trademark, “A20 Entertainment,” suggests that the K-Pop pioneer might be gearing up for a new venture once the restrictions from his agreement with HYBE expire.

The choice to file for such a broad range of categories also indicates Lee’s intent to build a multifaceted business, something K-Pop entertainment agencies are known for.

Industry watchers are now keen to see if he will re-enter the Korean entertainment industry as the head of a new agency and resume his role as a producer once the non-compete period ends.
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3. That's right, go plant some trees too

4. So he's alive again... seriously, he's just such an impressive person... fascinating

5. Crazy about moneyㅋ

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7. What a f*cking thug. Then why did he sell his SM stocks?

8. Lee Sooman really has good business acumen

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10. So is he gonna come out with a jungle instead of Kwangya?

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