It has been reported recently that Seungri, a former member of the group Big Bang, is preparing to open a club in Cambodia.

According to sources close to Seungri on the 23rd in Thailand, Seungri is currently preparing to open a club in Cambodia and has completed the investment for acquiring the club.

Seungri was convicted of nine charges, including arranging pros****ion, filming using cameras for the purposes of pro*****ion, habitual gambling, and violating the Foreign Exchange Transaction Act in January 2020. He was sentenced to one year and six months in prison by the Supreme Court in May 2022.

Subsequently, Seungri completed his sentence at the Yeoju Correctional Institution and was released on parole on February 9 last year.

Earlier, Hong Kong media reported that Seungri had purchased luxury housing in Hong Kong amid the 'Burning Sun Incident' and was also planning to open a club.

In response, the Hong Kong government stated, "We will strictly perform the role of gatekeeping when processing applications for employment visas for talents to approve only suitable candidates according to established procedures."

Hong Kong media have focused on Seungri being a successful K-pop singer from Big Bang and highlighted his involvement in the 'Burning Sun' incident as a central perpetrator. Criticism is rapidly spreading.

The reason Seungri's current situation has become a hot topic in recent days is due to the release of a BBC documentary that revisited the 'Burning Sun' incident.

On the 19th, BBC News Korea released a documentary titled 'Burning Sun: The Stories of Women Who Revealed the Secret Chat Rooms of K-pop Stars' through its YouTube channel 'BBC Eye'.

The documentary covered the so-called 'Burning Sun Gate', which erupted in 2018, and included interviews with victims as well as previously unreleased videos of perpetrators, including Seungri.

The video shows Seungri grabbing the arm of a woman who is unable to resist and shouting, "Be quiet! Come with me!" as well as videos where he proudly displays himself as a member of 'Big Bang'.

The video has received significant attention, garnering nearly 7 million views and 32,000 comments within just 5 days of its release.

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1. F*ck f*ck 

2. Right now Chinese people are coming down to Cambodia, selling drugs, and turning it into a lawless place hul 

3. He'll live as the country's embarrassment 

4. Another club? Can he not run a company that's not for thugs?

5. He's now gonna be a nuisance to Cambodians... 

6. This f*cker needs more jail time, he'll never wake up at this point 

7. As expected, people will never fix themselves tsk tsk 

8. Consistent 

9. So Cambodians are willing to collude with corruption?

10. I'd suggest Cambodians to jail him!!!

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