"XX-ah, I seriously feel like dying from a mental disease. Now, everyone is saying how Eunchae is boy crazy just because she's standing next to a male idol MC and smiling. And today, seeing her IG, people were bullsh*tting about how her expressions are too dark looking and asking whether she can control her expressions. F*ck no matter if you go on IG, on Twitter or on Youtube, or even on school, everyone is swearing at Le Sserafim. It's so hard for me lately that I almost quit fangirling, but after going to the fanmeeting, I started liking them so much again that I told myself "I have to keep fangirling <3" but then I went on IG again and saw that [Kazuha] got her bangs and those f*cking tiny companies fans have been saying that she looks like XX and now, no matter where she goes, she get intertwined with her, they're face shaming such a kind and pretty kid and talking so much nonsense that I seriously felt like I was losing my mind again ㅋㅋㅋㅠ ㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ So that's why, I feel like those f*ckers will always make a fuss until they kill the kids. I'm already getting so much stress seeing this, I can't believe how much these people are enjoying this. There's so many f*ckers in this world that I can't help but swear.... Hahahahaha this is getting so creepy with the amount of hate they have, do these f*ckers not realize how wrong they are now? Why is our country like that? I wished that Tyrannosaurus caught them and killed them already ah I want to cry"

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(left: Le Sserafim & ILLIT VS right: NewJeans)

3. If you're that stressed.... Why aren't you getting off internet and go talk to your friend or something? Just go live in your real life ㅠㅠ No matter what happens to artists, they are gonna be managed by their company and taken care of. Instead, maybe think about taking care of your own life first? I feel like this OP must be a young student... 

4. I honestly don't even think BAng Sihyuk gets the amount of hate they're getting 

5. It's true that it's gotten too far lately 

6. The Youtube comments are especially awful, it reminds me of the Twice encore days 

7. Me too whenever there's a celebrity I like who ends up hitting big and they get into a controversy, I need to get a digital detox from the internet... I can understand OP, it must be hard

8. I feel bad for the fans 

9. Hybe is the one at fault, why aren't people focused on bashing Hybe?

10. This is getting freaking oba, they don't even treat criminals like that 

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