We wish to update you on the status of legal measures taken to protect BTS members against violation of their rights.

We would like to clarify that the recent allegations of hoarding, concept plagiarism, and affiliations with Dahnworld or any religious cults are completely false.

The company has decided that the recent movement spreading false rumors and information has become excessive, and announced previously that a separate law firm would be engaged to address these matters decisively.

Thus, we have identified and compiled several posts containing misinformation aimed at defaming and slandering the artists, and filed the initial round of criminal complaint to law enforcement agencies today, on May 2. This compilation includes posts that were systematically uploaded then deleted, as well as posts from authors who have since deleted their accounts. We will persist in our legal proceedings through continuous monitoring and gathering of evidence.

We uphold a zero-tolerance policy for filing civic and criminal complaints against individuals who attempt to tarnish the reputation of our artists by spreading
malicious falsehoods. We will offer no leniency or settlements, ensuring that offenders are appropriately punished without exception.

We extend our deepest apologies to the fans of BTS for the distress you have experienced in recent weeks. We are committed to taking all necessary actions to protect our artists' rights. Thank you for your unwavering love and support for BTS. Please send any reports of aforementioned cases of violation to BIGHIT MUSIC's legal hotline at [email protected].
Thank you.
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1. If they're that confident, then they should sue Dahnworld. What are they doing? Do you think that people can't read the sentencing?

2. Ah they are seriously so bad at doing their work. They are basically sprinkling oil in the fire

3. What about suing Dahnworld? ^^

4. I don't think that lawsuit is the solution here thoughtㅜㅜ Other groups' images are also being tarnished because of Dahnworld, I wish they'd give us a statement for them tooㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜ

5. Shouldn't they be suing Dahnworld? They wrote so many severe things. You can't even explain yourself properly and you're always threatening to sue, if you're so confident about the sajaegi being false, then just tell us clearly what marketing you did at that time

6. Then you just have to sue Dahnworld...

7. So are they going to sue the judge too?

8. Do they think that just keeping on denying everything will make this disappear? The judge specified that it was sajaegi so are they gonna sue the judge too?

9. They have so much money. They should hire kids who are better workers too

10. This place sure is good at suing


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1. They are usually good at not feeding the trolls so that's why the 7 of them became super stars. Because they don't get triggered over small things

2. I'm a fan of another idol but fighting to RM. I'm looking forward to his new song

3. I'm looking forward to his album

4. Do they not know what's happening right now...?

5. RM fighting, looking forward to your album

6. No but what do you guys want from a kid who's in the military? He had his schedule all laid out before enlisting. Go make a fuss at the company instead

7. Looking forward to him. I hope his second album succeeds

8. Namjoonie, I'm looking forward to your album

9. Why are people bringing up HYBE's mistakes here? You guys are trash

10. Does he not go on the Internet? 

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