- (Augusta) caught the proofs of her boyfriend cheating with her best friend 
- Augusta was swept under a fit of anger
- She thought "You're going to betray me like that? I'll take revenge"
- So she started planning her revenge against her boyfriend
- Tiktok caption: 
"That time I caught him cheating with my friend so I injected habanero oil in all his c****ms
- It was habanero oil 
- It's such a spicy oil that it was even mentioned on the Guinness book for spiciness
- She put that oil in all the male contraceptives she could find inside her boyfriend's car
- She thought "If ever you're going to use this, I'll make you taste the taste of hell"

- One day, the boyfriend pulled up to Augusta's house with a miserable look on his face
- She said "That time, he came to my house and he entered the house looking like a dog with a tail that was stuck. So after seeing *that* part, and it looked like a boiled shrimp"
- Augusta's pepper oil revenge was successful 
- From Augusta's point of view, she did it because she was too angry right 
- But at the same time, the cheating nature of her boyfriend became even more evident because he used the contraceptives
- And the fact that he even came to her after that shows how shameless he was
- So she kept her composure and moved to plan for her next revenge 

- Augusta was staring at his miserable look (after he entered the house) 
- And she handed something to him out of pity 
- The boyfriend's screams were echoing everywhere 
- The boyfriend was screaming so painfully that he had to rush to the toilette
- He couldn't kill the pain with cold water
- So what was in the bag that Augusta handed him?
- Tiktok caption: 
"I offered to put ice on it and used the frozen habanero ice cubes I made"
- The intensity of the pain must've been unimaginable 

- And in one sentence to the boyfriend who was suffering, she said
- "Yah! This is your karma. I deserve to be treated way better than you treated me"
- And she flat out declared her break up then and there

And then, she met a new man after breaking up 

- 2 years after they broke up 
- Augusta finally found her soulmate
- It was someone who truly loved Augusta
- And Augusta also fell for that man at first sight 
- When she says "I want to go on a trip", the moment she said it, he'd call a private jet for her 
- It was someone Augusta manifested and he really loved her 
(picture of the red hair guy = ex boyfriend)

And she also dated that guy for only 5 months and she married him
That man was: 

- The reality made me wonder if something like that could even be possible
- Augusta appeared to her ex-boyfriend's graduation 
- Tiktok caption: 
"I showed up to his graduation. He was smiling thinking I wanted him back, cried like a lil b*** when he found out I was his dad's date. That's right son, we now call the same man daddy"
- The boyfriend cried like crazy 
- And she said "Remember, it's better to cry on a private jet than in economy class"
- And "A son's education is a mother's responsibility!"
- From exposing the ex-boyfriend's private life to giving him advice without hesitation
- And even marrying a rich man who can fly you around in a private jet
- So the future property will also go to Augusta?
- That's right now, he'll have to give it to his wife
- She has accomplished the revenge of her life 
- And Augusta doesn't shy away from her choices at all 
- She's enjoying life with the attention she receives
- And the now husband even says "No matter what happened, meeting a woman like Augusta in my life was the biggest blessing"
- They've been together for 5 years 

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1. This is spicier than a drama... 

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6. All 3 are lunatics... 

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