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1. HYBE is the one exposing them to the hate comments. I went to watch their live broadcast because I felt bad for them after seeing this post and they did the live broadcast with only one tablet in front of them. Wonhee wasn't looking at the phone and wasn't on the phone either but a staff just randomly gave a phone to Wonhee alone? Just why would the worker give the phone to Wonhee so she could read the hate comments? And just like the tweet above, the fans are eating it upㅋ HYBE is the one seeing the hate comments and using it to feed the fans of their own groupsㅋ how can they even do this? Why give a phone to a minor fully knowing that they have hate comments? This same exact post is being posted in all community sites right now. HYBE is the one using a '07 liner for media play

2. This was done so obviously. The staff should be the one taking action here... doing this just made them get even more hate comments

3. There are obviously staffs around in a rookie's live broadcast to monitor them in case they make a mistake. She reported numerous hate comments and they just stood there watching? What are these staffs doing?

4. The trash leaving hate comments and the staff who showed this to a kid are both horrible

5. What wrong did these kids do? And HYBE is so problematic. They fully know that they have a bunch of haters but aren't doing anything to manage them.

6. HYBE has no intention to protect their own artists at all

7. Ah... so this was a fake situation they created to media play? They really have the know-hows of media play at

8. Why would they randomly give her the phone?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. What sin have these young kids commit? Skills aside, they are receiving excessive hate all because of their incompetent company

10. Just stop leaving hate comments already...

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