I'm not saying that this is ILLIT's fault. This is the adults' fault. If you copy the same thing, it's all going to be news. It's bad for every team, for the industry in the long run, and it's self-destructive.

They didn't just simply copy the design, even the promotions and activities are similar

Logo and typography design

Design album covers and stickers that look like they were doodled by the members themselves

2D illustration concept

Western way of putting MV credits

Killing point in their choreography

'They also claimed to have used NewJeans' choreography for ILLIT, saying, “Why did you use our choreography? Our choreographers are angry. This is a way to ruin ILLIT.""

Participating at fashion events before debut

COEX ad after debut

(By the way, they did it for other HYBE labelmates but they didn't incorporate the ad in the building structure)

Full group cover as soon as they debuted

Full group CF as soon as they debuted
(NewJeans did SKT and ILLIT did KT)

Agency's own hanbok photo shoot for the holidays
(NewJeans for Chuseok and ILLIT for Seollal)

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1. I honestly can't even differentiate them

2. This is a poor imitation

3. A rip off... look at the difference in quality...

4. It's frustrating how they are back stabbing Min Heejin and taking everything from NewJeans' identity and using it for ILLIT, while NewJeans remains under HYBE as a mere side dish. HYBE is the only one benefitting by isolating NewJeans and only sending ILLIT out while taking all of NewJeans concept. This honestly makes me so upset. Both ILLIT and HYBE shouldn't be supported. The fact that they continue to be consumed despite this blatant behavior is just encouraging them to keep acting shamelessly. I don't even listen to their music anymore. It's just too infuriating.

5. Seeing it like this and still seeing such a f*cking huge gap in sense of beauty is honestly fascinatingㅋㅋㅋ even if they are trying to copy NewJeans, because the person doing it has such bad aesthetic sensibilities, they can't help but make ILLIT look tacky

6. To be honest, this is way too severe... but the director and staffs' skills are just as important. The ILLIT members are cute and pretty but the NewJeans members definitely look more refined and hip so there's definitely a huge gap

7. Ah even I feel frustrated. Does ILLIT's director and designer have no pride? This will just make ILLIT be labeled as "NewJeans' rip offs" tsk

8. So even when you're trying to copy something, you still need a strong sense of beauty. The more I scroll down, the more it displays Min Heejin's skills

9. Ah I like ILLIT but this is so annoying... seriously, what wrong did the kids do? HYBE, have some f*cking shame

10. It shows how ridiculously low they view the public. The fact that they think that they can just push their Shorts and Reels and have a viral moment so that NewJeans can be replaced and be over and done with is honestly pissing me off

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