The drama "The Midnight Romance in Hagwon," starring actress Jung Ryeowon, has been criticized for inappropriate scenes. A scene of her drinking and driving went viral.

Some scenes from the fourth episode of tvN's Saturday drama "The Midnight Romance in Hagwon" (written by Park Kyung-hwa and directed by Ahn Pan-seok), which aired on the afternoon of the 19th, have come under fire. While singer Kim Ho Joong was accused of drunk driving, a scene of him driving drunk was exposed in the broadcast, causing controversy.


Arriving late to the meeting with Nam Cheong Mi (So Jooyeon), Seo Hye Jin (Jung Ryeowon) poured soju into a glass and handed it to Nam Cheong Mi, filled her glass with her own alcohol, and then took several sips as she listened to Nam Cheong Mi's defiant words.

The problem came after that scene. After waiting for Seo Hye Jin to have a drink with Nam Cheong Mi, Lee Joon Ho returned to the academy, where the two of them practiced their joint lecture. After they finished practicing, Seo Hye Jin was shown driving herself home in her car. The video showed her getting behind the wheel after drinking with Nam Cheong Mi just a few hours earlier.

After the episode aired, viewers expressed their discomfort. This was because the program was supposed to raise awareness about drunk driving and guide people to the right rituals. It was a terrible mistake in a program that could have had an impact on viewers.

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1. Ahn Pan-seok isn't some noob in this industry and he still is making this kind of mistake????

2. I was also so shocked when I watched this

3. How can someone make such a sloppy mistake....

4. Are we back in time? This is the kind of scene you'd see in the 90's

5. Aigo what are they gonna do about this?

6. Wow I didn't even realize when I was watching it

7. Aigoo so they made a mistakeㅜ

8. Hul this is totally a mistake on the editing part

9. Did they not realize when they were shooting this?

10. Gasp.. they probably didn't realize while editing

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