t/n: 10% = 텐프로 refers to adult entertainment establishments including bars, clubs, norebangs. 10% refers to the manager's commission being 10%. They're not inherently all illegal, but some include hostess bars

Min Hee-jin, the CEO of ADOR, refuted various allegations raised by HYBE for the first time since the press conference on the 25th of last month.

CEO Min stated her position on the 19th, saying, "I wanted to leave this corrupt industry countless times," and "HYBE has already put NewJeans in a difficult situation."

First, CEO Min responded to HYBE's claim that she contacted Naver and Dunamu, the operator of UPbit, to secure the management rights of ADOR, saying, "I am repeating myself, but if there is a need for clear verification of this, I request a four-party face-to-face meeting, including HYBE."

She also said, "Regardless of my intentions, everyone ended up gathering in such a place. The gathering concluded as a personal meeting unrelated to investment, where attendees could provide testimonies on the day."

In addition, CEO Min stated, "Before the establishment of ADOR, they recklessly exposed personal matters to the public and illegally took the deputy representative's laptop without permission, while complaining about criminal liability, threatening, and persuading the deputy representative to find grounds for attacking me," and added, "They distributed articles claiming to protect the members despite engaging in such unreasonable and barbaric acts. I wonder about the true intention of their gratitude."

She continued, "All the evidence presented by HYBE was obtained illegally," and said, "I hope they move away from distorting facts with wordplay such as 'Did you meet investors or not?'"

Below is a partial excerpt from Min Hee-jin's statement

"Even if the investors met, what's the problem if the CEO or vice president of a company meets with investors? Why do you suspect and interrogate like this just because other subsidiary company CEOs within HYBE met with investors? Are all those who entertain investors from the 10% and room salons for business deals thanked properly?" (t/n: basically she's asking whether HYBE thank the workers of the 10% and room salons when they meet with investors) 

HYBE went as far as disclosing Min Hee-jin's personal family matters
So it's only fair that she discloses that there are HYBE executives who frequented 10% and room salons
I hope she can reveal the Katalk history for the past 3 years ^^

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1. Yup, let's reveal everything 

2. Release Bang and Park's Katalk conversations 

3. I'm so nozy!!!!

4. Reveal them 

5. Reveal the lawyer's Katalks 

6. They have released all of Min Heejin's private life's Katalks, so reveal theirs too 

7. Reveal everything transparently 

8. Release everyone's from Park Jiwon's Katalk and the lawyer's Katalk

9. RoomYBE ㄷㄷㄷ

10. Investigate them ㅋㅋ They're the ones committing the disgusting acts, meanwhile, they're trying to cover everything using Min Heejin, they're the freaking worst

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