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1. She seriously came out looking so good. She's good at doing photoshoots too

2. Her aura is good. She suits wavy hair so much

3. Oh, why does she look like Rachel Weisz?!?!

4. Wow why does she look handsome to me? Her aura is crazy

5. So she's no longer with Burberry and went with Celine? She matches this way more

6. Totally gorgeous

7. She matched Burberry but she totally fits Celine like a glove... she has a bubbly and bright image but it's fascinating how she matches the chic image too

8. Wow... my heart

9. She's so gorgeous with strong eyebrows... the way she pulls off any concept is crazy

10. To be honest, I think that she'll look good in any brand... seriously, she's so crazily versatile

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