"This is not it..ㅡㅡ
Our precious Jungkook's albums..
Were all thrown out in the restroom.."

BTS Jungkook who set a new record for male solos in terms of 1st week of sales

SEVENTEEN who set a new record for male groups in terms of 1st week of sales

"K-POP Label Album Waste Increases Over 14X in 6 Years "HYBE, JYP, and Kakao in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd""

"As for the waste levy, 11 record labels paid more than 190 million won as of 2020. HYBEsss paid the most at 130 million won, followed by JYP at 27 million won."

""They even suggested to groups like NewJeans, who have high record sales, that they can surpass other groups' records without 'pushing records,'" said Min Hee-in. "This shows a serious lack of ethics at HYBE," she said.

"We understand that this is already a widespread practice within HYBE labels, but we urge you to investigate any deals with subsidiaries that could be seen as 'record pushing,' including any deals with subsidiaries that are contingent on returns, and to be transparent and deal with them severely.""

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1. Also, why are you bringing up Jungkook's photo and faking their intent? Isn't this a violation notice?

2. To be honest, I've seen other other idols' fans doing the same as the ones from Jungkook's photos but it's honestly my first time seeing that amount of albums being thrown in the streets like the SEVENTEEN albums. I really hope that SEVENTEEN gets investigated

3. This isn't an issue that's unique to HYBE. Other companies idols do the same. We need to get rid of the random photocards

4. This is just trash

5. This is not normal

6. Stop with the forced hate

7. A fan shared free albums at the Jangchung showcase and the albums were loaded in the foreign fan's car. You purposely posted the albums' photos as if they were thrown away but she was sharing them for free. The foreign fan even wrote a post saying that all free albums were given away

8. Is there any idol who doesn't do this?

9. You'd think that it only applied to HYBE idols. You're being too transparent

10. People really just want to hate nowㅋㅋ

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