"We try to be conscious of the stares/read the room/walk on eggshells a lot"
"I hope the comments supporting and praising you become more meaningful"
"It's hard for us to think about those comments sometimes"
"It's good to be in ILLIT"

In response, ILLIT expressed her concerns to the question, "haven't you had a lot of hardships after debuting?" Wonhee said, "I feel like I'm trying to walk on eggshells a lot. My time as a trainee was short. I make a lot of mistakes too."

Minju confessed, "I have a weak mentality. When I read comments, I feel like I sink deeply into them." Hearing this, the "bros" members encouraged them saying, "It would be better if you focused more on compliments and supportive comments. If you lose there, it's like losing to yourself," boosting their courage.

Moka also lamented, "I'm similar to Minju. I tend to read a lot of comments. It doesn't hurt me per se, but sometimes when I'm on stage, I think about the comments. It's scary." Upon hearing this, Shindong cheered them saying, "What you can do now is to take revenge with your skills. Practice hard and show your improvement. Be so good that they can't criticize you."


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1. But the fact is that they really suck at singing, I was so shocked when I saw their encore. If they didn't want hate comments, what about singing better ㅠㅜ

2. They're the ones who were going around following hate accounts of other groups and now they're complaining about having it hard with hate comments, damn 

3. Go practice 

4. This group is already over, their image is totally cancelled

5. I hate seeing them cosplay as victims like that 

6. 🤢

7. The public's sentiment towards them is so bad right now, it'd be weirder that they don't say anything about it 

8. Don't they know that the resentment towards them is just gonna grow if they continue to play victim like that ㅠ Please practice on your vocalization to start with 

9. Figh....Fighting 

10. They're just whining 

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