"Dokyeom's Weverse Live

He answered the phone thinking it was Seungkwan but (the sasaeng) called under Seungkwan's name.
Sasaengs are so scary...."

The sasaeng manipulated the caller ID to trick him into thinking they're a member
When he saw the member's name on the screen, he answered it without suspecting it, but it was an illegitimate call....;
This is a common trick used in voice phishing crimes, but it's also used by sasaengs

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1. Sasaengs are honestly too severe

2. Wow.... we need to get rid of the change in caller ID function no? This is so creepy

3. Isn't this a crime??

4. Seriously, why would you do this?

5. Yah... shouldn't we lock up these crazies?

6. Crazy... this is kinda scary

7. They are criminals... crazy

8. Wow f*ck, this will make you get mental issues that you didn't even have in the first place. Crazy

9. How did they know his number though?

10. What in the world... there are still sasaengs around nowadays??? And he's already communicating well with the fans too????

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