(T/N: "Bursting the shrimp's back" means a kind of situation when a large animal like a whale fights and a small animal like a shrimp is caught in the middle, it dies without having to do anything, so when strong people argue, the weaker ones are caught in the middle without having to do anything and suffer unnecessary damage.)

In the midst of the ongoing battle between companies, idols are like shrimp caught in a whale fight. The most affected are, of course, NewJeans and Belift Lab's ILLIT.

The previous day, Daily Sports obtained and reported on an email sent to HYBE summarizing the suggestions made by NewJeans' parents. In the email, HYBE chairman Bang Sihyuk allegedly ignored NewJeans' greetings, sparking a 'neglect controversy'. With two weeks to go before their comeback, NewJeans is at the center of this incident, and there are concerns about whether they will be able to complete their comeback safely.

ILLIT has also been criticized as a 'plagiarizing group'. Earlier, CEO Min Heejin pointed out the similarities between ILLIT and NewJeans several times. At the time of the emergency press conference, she said, “There's a reason I raised the issue with ILLIT. They copied the (NewJeans') formula too much,” and publicly criticized them.  


It's not just NewJeans and ILLIT. Idols under the HYBE label have also been directly or indirectly affected by the situation.

Earlier, representative Min Heejin pointed out that “children are not guilty of anything. Adults are the problem,” referring to the alleged plagiarism of ILLIT. As Min said, children (idols) are being harmed by the fight between adults (companies).

With both HYBE and ADOR being irreparably harmed, it's being closely watched to see how this case will end.

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1. NewJeans are the only pitiful ones...

2. NewJeans fighting

3. They are really media playing dirtily

4. NewJeans and ADOR, fighting

5. They even want to copy the fact that NewJeans are the victims here

6. ILLIT did nothing wrong. They just did what they were told as rookies

7. NewJeans, hit big. ADOR, fighting

8. ?? NewJeans are the ones who had their backs burst thoughㅋㅋㅋ stop lumping them together

9. They are really calling ILLIT "shrimps"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. Protect NewJeans, stop lumping them with those fakes...

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