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1. Everything about this look is pretty but her hair is kinda old fashioned

2. Are they for real with her hair and makeup?

3. She's so pretty but her hair... ha...

4. Freaking pretty. A goddess

5. Yoona is covering up everything with her face. The color of the dress doesn't even suit her

6. I don't think that this suits her but since it's Yoona, she looks jjang pretty

7. Her makeup and coordi are really nice but her hair is a bit disappointingㅠㅠ something more natural would look prettier on herㅠㅠ her face did all the work

8. Her hair, makeup and coordi are all a shameㅠ Yoona's looks are the only things working hard here

9. She's totally a princessㅠㅠㅠㅠ she's shining

10. Yoona is super pretty and looks like a princess but the dress is weirdㅠㅠ is it because of the material or the rushed deadline?

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