How long has it been since his last photoshoot?ㅜㅜㅜㅠ

When asked about his recent surprise appointment as a Distinguished Professor at KAIST's Department of Mechanical Engineering, G-dragon says

"This is a very new challenge for me, so when I first visited the campus, I was both bewildered and excited. KAIST is full of people who are passionate about their fields. The students are so engaged that the boundaries between academics and everyday life are blurred, and I thought that maybe it was a bit like my own childhood, when I was alone in the practice room, thinking and exploring,” he said, revealing his love for new challenges.

When asked about his interests, including reading, given his multidisciplinary background, he replied
"I'm curious about a variety of things rather than one specific field. As a creator and a human being, there is a desire to challenge something a little more unfamiliar than the norm. If it's not my area of expertise, I'm willing to borrow other people's expertise. I'm willing to borrow someone else's expertise if it's not my specialty, because that's how I can deliver a higher level of work."

When asked what makes his long-standing partnership with Chanel so successful, he says
"I think it's because I don't treat it as a job. Just like I've been able to do what I do because I don't treat my music as a job, I think my relationship with Chanel has lasted because it's more of a friendship, and sincerity always works." The global ambassador also showed her true colors by answering the question.

He's seriously a photoshoot master

Spoiler he posted a few days ago

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1. [+49, -6]
The 3rd one is my one pick... Chanel is a woman's brand but I understand why GD was an ambassador for over 10 years. He's way of pulling off these clothes is freaking amazing

2. [+46, -5]
Anyone can tell that these are the eyes of someone who's coming back soon

3. [+41, -5]
This one is seriously crazy...

4. [+40, -5]
What's with the comments below accusing him of editingㅋㅋㅋ not long ago, he looked handsome at KAISTㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+39, -5]
F*cking cool. Kwon Jiyong's looks don't die

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