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1. [+145, -11]
So many people think this song should've been released instead of So Sweet. Honestly, I do think that this song is better too, but ADOR probably had to put f*cking lots of strength to debut them in Japan, they shot in Tokyo Dome and they even had a collab, so it makes sense that they used it as a Japanese debut. How Sweet feels more like a mid-release, so I'm f*cking looking forward to their full album. If their Japanese debut is that good, they probably sharpened their knives for their full album 

2. [+112, -10]
Personally, I liked ti so much, there are so many people saying this song is better than How Sweet and the City Pop maniacs will think so too, it'll be rainy season soon too, so it'll suit even more 

3. [+95, -12]
The song is freaking good and I've always thought like this, but NewJeans really know how to pick their choreographies

4. [+70, -11]
I was just listening to it while working and I was moving to the beat ㅋㅋ

5. [+59, -24]
I'll be honest, I feel like it was a strategic mistake. Supernatural and How Sweet should've been swapped... Supernatural should've been their Korean title, it was a perfect faint version of Attention 

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