I've missed this kind of concept, so this was very welcomed... The song itself wasn't totally "Red" but the MV was legendary. Even as another group's fan, I have to acknowledge RV's harmonization, they were legendary this time too 

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1. [+92, -38]
I was amazed at her faceㅠ-ㅠ..

2. [+73, -8]
Whether RV ages or not, I hope they keep releasing songs all their life.. There are no group like them.. 

3. [+68, -7]
"It's taking a little longer for the Reveluvs to see the MV... We're waiting too, but we haven't even seen the final version. We waited at 6 o'clock and the live broadcast was turned off, I was really disappointed... Ha, I keep asking, but I don't get any answers, and it keeps getting delayed. I'm sorry"

4. [+66 ,-25]
The song had a gestival? Aura to it, but Irene's face was insane 

5. [+65, -14]
That was a real work of art, the song was so mysterious too.. The singer and the staff definitely know their identity 

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