It has been confirmed that Korea's Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has launched an on-site investigation into HYBE, designated as a conglomerate for the first time among entertainment companies.

According to an exclusive report by Chosun Biz, on June 24, the FTC dispatched investigators to HYBE's headquarters for an on-site investigation. HYBE is being investigated for submitting false or omitted information in the 'conglomerate designation materials' submitted to the FTC.

In May, the FTC designated HYBE as a conglomerate. As a result, HYBE, a publicly listed company, and its subsidiaries controlled by HYBE must disclose the status of their shareholders and major management matters in the capital market.

With the designation as a conglomerate, rules on preventing private interests also apply to HYBE's founder, Chairman Bang Si Hyuk. Chairman Bang, who holds a 31.8% stake in HYBE, was designated as the "same person (total owner)" along with HYBE's conglomerate designation.

An FTC official stated, "We cannot confirm whether an on-site investigation is taking place," but added, "If there are any violations of the law, we will respond strictly."
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+ The article's comments: 
- This is just like Sihyuk..
- HYBE did it 
- Park Taehee will use this comment section to push Girls Planet
- This is why certain companies cannot become too big
- Moms and pops shop that only grew in size..Tsk

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1. [+166, -4]
Ah... The HYBE-roaches were always going around saying "this is just like NewJeans" everywhere and claiming NewJeans is doing forced virality, but now they got it hit back at them with the "This is just like Sihyuk"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+132, -5]
So the Gallery ajussis did have a reason to be throwing a tantrum ㅋㅋ

3. [+132, -5]
How did HYBE's image turn into this..?

4. [+109, -4]
I won't look forward to anything from that company anymore 

5. [+104, -4]
"HYBE which became "Low HYBE" .... The result of their unconvincing media play" 

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