[enter-talk] HYEIN'S LIPS ARE ART...

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1. [+41, -12]
But she really looks like Kim Minhee, especially her eyebrows... Seriously I love love love this type

2. [+24, -2]
I'm only 4 years apart from Hyein, but if I get married and have a daughter in the future, I want to have a daughter like her. She's sharp, kind and she's so pretty. I have another favorite member in the group, but Hyein's aura is so good and she's so pretty, I love Hyein, she's too cute... 

3. [+15, -19]
Yeah she looks like a SEA

4. [+15, -16]
She looks like Ronaldinho

5. [+11, -4]
Why is she the least popular though? Someone explain 

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