"Stop calling me, I'll reveal your number
I ate a peach for lunch~"

Renjun mistook a commoner for a sasaeng and exposed her phone number

The NCTzens terrorized her phone number 

However, the owner of the phone number posted a full statement online, revealing that they were not a sasaeng and did not have any intention of calling Renjun.

"Hello, I own the phone number that NCT’s Renjun exposed online. First, I am most definitely not an NCT sasaeng. I have absolutely no interest in idols or celebrities.

I am here to inform you of the situation.

While friends A, B, and I  were trying to find people to share Laftel, I found someone, so I sent Friend B a message as pictured below.

OP: Should the three of us just do it?

Friend B: I was watching TikTok. Yea I’m fine with it.

OP: I lost to TikTok.

Friend B: What does Friend A think about it?

OP: Ask Friend A.

Friend B: Friend A is sleeping.

OP: It’s 4,900 KRW.

While chatting, I found out that Friend A was sleeping, so I asked Friend B to wake Friend A up. But Friend A still did not get up. I called Friend A after class ended.

I usually save my friend contacts with their last name included so I just looked up Friend A and called her without much thought, as it was the number that was saved.

But when they picked up it wasn’t my friend, but some guy. This was how the call went:

OP: Hello?

Renjun: Hello?

OP: Isn’t this ** phone number?

Renjun: (silence)

OP: Did the phone number change?

Renjun: I will report this number.

And with that, they just hung up. I was shocked, but I thought, ‘I guess they changed their number?’ and tried to find their number again. That was when I realized that I had saved Friend A’s number not with the last name combined but with their first name.

The call made at 3:45 PM was Renjun, and the call made at 3:46 PM was Friend A.

After hanging up with Friend A, incoming calls from unknown numbers kept coming in. I wondered, ‘What is this?’ and thought that the number I miscalled earlier was a voice phishing scammer. Every time I hung up, another call came in. Even overseas calls came in along with an overload of text messages. It felt like I had messed with the head of a gang.

After getting through the mass load of calls, I saw that I had 200 texts piled up. I thought ‘Do scammers terrorize through texts these days?’ and took a look at the messages.

The text messages I received were filled with verbal abuse that I cannot even write here. I received text messages that read, ‘Hey you b*tch,’ ‘Leave Renjun alone you crazy b*tch,’ ‘Why do you live like that?’ etc.

When I saw the texts, I thought to myself, ‘Did I accidentally call an idol?’ and remembered seeing YouTube shorts of idols getting phone calls from sasaengs while doing live broadcasts.

I only use X (formerly Twitter) to check if the KakakoTalk servers are down and that is it. I searched the word ‘sasaeng’ on Twitter just incase, and saw that Renjun had exposed a phone number through Bubble. He had already predetermined that I was a sasaeng.

As soon as I saw this, I immediately went to change my phone number. When I got to the store, the store told me I should go to the police if this was the situation, so I didn’t change my number and went straight to the police station.

After telling them my story, the police tried contacting SM, but they did not pick up.

Then the police told me that the only way was to call Renjun’s number again and so I gave them my phone.

+ At this point, the officer asked if I had called him continuously, and I told them I only called once by accident before handing them my phone.

Renjun did not pick up the phone even after the officer called, so they left a text message. After that, they were able to get in contact.

The officer talked to the manager on the phone and the content below is what I heard from the offer about the phone call.

The manager said they were deeply sorry on behalf of Renjun. But once something is posted on Bubble they cannot delete it. From this time forward, they will try to block exposing phone numbers. They also stated that I could be a sasaeng after all.

This is what I heard back from them. My number has already been exposed and have received numerous calls, even international calls, for over an hour. My number is even exposed on X and acquaintances are asking me what’s going on.

Calling a number by mistake Is wrong, but is it ok to expose a regular person’s number publicly without checking the facts?

Because I changed my phone number, I gave the officer my family’s phone number. A few hours later, I received a call from the officers saying that SM’s legal team was truly sorry for the matter. I haven’t received an apology call yet.

I have received a massive amount of verbal abuse and had to change my phone number all because I made a mistake calling the wrong number. I am requesting a proper explanation from SM."
CR: Koreaboo

The victim uploaded a statement

SM and Renjun have not apologized yet

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1. [+171, 0]
If Renjun had a problem with a sasaeng, he should have quietly filed a lawsuit instead of hinting at it on Bubble as if to say Go attack this person~ That's really wrong

2. [+164, 0]
The manager apologized, but Renjun refused the apology ㄷ~...

3. [+151, 0]
Posting the number on Bubble was a bad move. It's practically asking fans to harass the person. That's ㄴseriously irresponsible, especially since the person is a commoner who didn't do anything wrong

4. [+146, -1]
She should definitely sue. The situation is similar to someone who tried to split up Laftel (?) and got a lot of hate overnight, and is still suffering from mindless harassment by i-roachesㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+137, 0]
The fact that he has mental health issues is not the victim's fault, f*ck, Sharing their phone number is f*cking outrageous. It's like telling his thousands of fans to go and harass an ordinary person to death

6. [+66, 0]
It's not that other idols don't avoid posting phone numbers online because they're stupid... The Starbucks boycott incident also made me wonder what he's thinking.

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