This was different from yesterday and they did so well. Especially Sohee and Wonbin

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1. [+65, -31]
There are seriously so many people that have RIIZE under checkㅋㅋㅋ their encore was fine but why are people looking down on them so much?

2. [+63, -21]
Yesterday's pitch was off, but RIIZE has never had any issues with live performances before. They've even performed 'Siren' live at university festivals. The problem is that if they mess up once, people immediately criticize them harshly.

3. [+61, -25]
They actually performed well today, but they're still being put down legendarily

4. [+55, -19]
We should praise them for what they did well... They must have been under a lot of pressure, so they did a good job

5. [+51, -27]
I'm a fan of another group, but I thought RIIZE did well on their encores. Their songs are my style. Wonbin and Sohee are likable too. Congrats on winning #1

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