1. Don't ever get fillers

2. You need to try and go for a natural look for double eyelids and rhinoplasty

3. For facial contouring surgery, only do your chin

4. Smile (with the idea of bringing the corners of your mouth and eyes closer together)

5. You need to remove your makeup before sleeping

6. You need to buy 1 beauty device and stick to it

7. Stretch often

8. Avoid dyeing your hair at all cost (a hair straightener is a must!!)

9. Get advice for your personal color

10. You need to maintain 110 between your height and your weight (T/n: for ex. if you're 170 cm tall, your weight "should" be 60kg)

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1. Please recommend me a beauty device👍🏼
> (OP) The one I use is the NuFace!

2. Why not dyeing your hair????
> (OP) Personally, I think that Korean girls look the prettiest with black hair

3. Why no fillers..? I was satisfied and was about to do another roundㅜㅜ what about nose fillers?
> (OP) Fillers look really nice when you first get them! But after a few years, they become lumpy and you get a lot of wrinkles. Then you have to dissolve them and get new ones, which seems like a fast track to making your face look strangeㅠㅠ

4. I seriously agree with dyeing your hairㅋㅋㅋㅋ I find black and brown hair the prettiest

5. I look like a man with black hair so I must have brown hairㅜ

6. Why is it better to have a natural-looking nose? Because fancy noses look too fake?
> (OP) First of all, a fancy nose on an East Asian face can look out of placeㅠㅠ It might work if the rest of the face is also luxurious-looking, but generally, men don't seem to like it much

7. I wanted to do surgery on my cheekbones though.. what to doㅠ
> (OP) Nononono, don't ever do it. Please, I'm begging you
>> Why? People around me did it and their face got a lot smootherㅠ
>>> (OP) It's temporary and your fat will sag like a bulldog's face ㅠ There's no escape. If you're really considering it despite knowing this, then go for it!

8. I agree with the height - weight = 110 formula... even if it's not 115, you must at least maintain 110 to look pretty

9. What about botox, if not fillers? Is that not recommended either?
> (OP) I also don't recommend botox in the long run, but for the jaw, there are many cases where it makes a significant difference quickly. However, this can also cause sagging

10. So did you do your jaw with facial contouring?? What about the sagging of the fat?
> (OP) It's been 6 years for me and no sagging yet!!

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