It is expected that the full group BLACKPINK won't be seen together within this year.

According to a TenAsia report on the 19th, it is anticipated that BLACKPINK's full group activities will not be seen within this year. A source stated to TenAsia, "In the latter half of this year, BLACKPINK members will focus on individual activities," and emphasized, "Lisa and Jennie and Rosé will meet fans through solo albums, Jisoo will focus on drama and film shootings."

With Rosé signing an exclusive contract with Teddy's label, THE BLACK LABEL, BLACKPINK's four members have each established their own nests for individual activities. Jennie has launched her own label 'ODD ATELIER,' representing her mother, and Jisoo is active under the new label 'Blissoo' under her brother's probiotics company BOMMAM. Lisa has founded her own independent label LLOUD and is pursuing solo activities.

In the latter half of this year, BLACKPINK's four members will focus on individual activities. Among them, Lisa, who will be the first to embark on solo activities, announced the release of her new single 'ROCKSTAR' on the 28th at 9 a.m. through global music sites.


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1. Anyways, I wasn't expecting it 

2. The fans were also expecting activities next year, we want their solos this year

3. Looking forward to next year

4. This is the year for BlackPink's solos, please give Lisa a lot of interest next week 🖤💖

5. I love their solo activities 🖤🩷

6. Don't everyone know this already?

7. Jisoo, give us another solo, something like "All Eyes On Me"

8. This is obvious, they'll first have to establish themselves

9. BlackPink is the best

10. Is there a single Blink who didn't know this?

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