The Seoul Songpa Police Station announced on the 18th that they have begun a preliminary investigation into the s*xual harassment allegations stemming from an incident where some fans attempted to kiss BTS member Jin without consent during a hug event. 

A police representative told TenAsia on the 18th, "The BTS Jin case is currently in the preliminary investigation stage. The victim's wishes are important, so we are in contact with his agency."

According to the police, cooperation from the agency is required to identify the suspect. Since Jin is the victim, his stance on the matter will be crucial. The police stated, "We need to listen to Jin's side first, review, and make a judgment. If he can come forward, we need to hear his statement; if not, we need to confirm his position again."

It has been confirmed that Jin's side has not yet provided any input to the police.

Previously, an incident of attempted s*xual harassment occurred during BTS Jin's hug event, leading to a police report. Jin held the hug event for 1,000 fans on the 13th during the '2024 FESTA.' While most fans hugged Jin in an orderly manner, some fans attempted unexpected actions like sudden kisses, causing outrage among global fans.

This event was particularly significant as Jin voluntarily organized it to thank fans who waited for him during his military service. The event's heartfelt meaning, intended to show his appreciation for the fans, was unfortunately marred by the unethical behavior of a few individuals.
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1. That must be awful...kissing with that stinky snout...ugh.... what a nightmare

2. Both seem to be Japanese though... I bet that it will just end in an vague and unresolved conclusion

3. Seriously crazy...

4. Idols are humans too, this is seriously disgusting

5. Ugh, this is harassment

6. Ugh why are they like that? The person on the receiving end must've been so creeped out

7. He did the even with good intentions and they are returning him the favor with a forced kiss... they should kiss their family members instead

8. He's gonna have PTSD... ha

9. What a terrible thing to do after getting in through such hard work. Sigh

10. Good job

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