Ariana Grande will be joining Hybe‘s global superfan platform, Weverse. The partnership between Grande and Hybe America, led by CEO Scooter Braun, will continue under Grande’s new management deal with Brandon Creed and his Good World Management firm.

WeVerse allows artists — including BTS, NewJeans, Blackpink, Conan Gray and more — to directly engage with fans and sell merchandise.

Creed, who has represented acts including Bruno Mars and Lizzo, began working with Grande four months after sources confirmed that the singer had parted ways with longtime manager Braun who, apart from a period of several months in 2017, had managed her since the release of her debut album a decade ago. Creed’s roster includes Demi Lovato, Troye Sivan, Charli XCX, Orville Peck and Mark Ronson, among others.

CR: Variety

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1. I hope that Scooter Braun would appear in Taylor Swift's documentary

2. Weverse?!

3. Huh? So is she gonna start talking with fans too?
> [Ariana Grande Weverse] Ariana Grande🌟 wrote a post

4. So is she releasing albums with another agency but collaborating with Weverse only for beauty products? The concept over there seems different from the typical Korean agency setup, so it's confusing

5. During the last conference call, I was wondering how she was making revenue since she signed with different companies for record labels and management. Turns out, it was a partnership..

6. Wow I wonder how much is her contract fee

7. I don't get why people are so obsessed with someone involved in an affair, who spit on donuts, and expressed her dislike for Americaㅋㅋㅋ her attitude in Korean concerts too..

8. Huh?????

9. Hul daebak

10. It's kinda fascinating that she will go on Weverse

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