South Korean authorities have determined that North Korea recently sentenced about 30 teenagers to d**th or life imprisonment for watching South Korean dramas. It's hard to believe that a teenager would be given the death penalty after only having seen a drama, but they say that ex*cutions are frequent and people are punished even for imitating the South Korean way of speaking.

Reporter Lee Taehyung exclusively reports on the North Korean human rights report published by the Ministry of Unification.


He was put on public trial for watching K-dramas and sentenced to 12 years of hard labor.

This video was filmed around 2022, and it is known that the situation has become more severe since then.

A government official said, "Recently, 50 to 60 North Korean teenagers around the age of 17 were caught watching South Korean dramas," adding, "About 30 of them were sentenced to life imprisonment or the death penalty."


Oh Gyeong-seop / Director of Keynote Department, Korea Institute for National Unification

“The act of watching South Korean movies or dramas is defined as an act that could bring down the North Korean regime and is punished very strongly….”

The Ministry of Unification has publicly published a report on North Korean human rights for the second year since last year, and this year's report also includes information that mobile phones will be censored and those who use South Korean terms like "ssaem (teacher)" and "appa (dad)" will be punished.


If you wear a white dress or sunglasses instead of a hanbok at a wedding, you may be punished for being tainted by ideology.

North Korean defector women who were recently forcibly repatriated suffered from s****l violence, and workers dispatched to Russia worked 20 hours a day and earned only $50 to $150 a month.

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6. Imagine having to serve a life sentence for watching a few dramas in the 21st century, this sounds like a joke. Seriously this is the worst. How can you call yourself a country if you can't even guarantee the citizens to be free?

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8. Haven't they always been like that? The fact that they want unification because they're feeling such inferiority complex is just comedy

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