It’s C9 Entertainment.

I would like to inform you regarding our artist Jiwon’s appearance on No Bbaku Tak Jae Hoon as a new MC.

About the controversy that occurred in the episode featuring Tanaka & Ogura Yuna, we had a serious conversation about the contents over a long period of time with support on the day of transmission.

With the concept of the No Bbaku Tak Jae Hoon broadcast, Jeewon approached the filming with utmost dedication and without any emotional issues. During filming, both Mr. Tak Jae Hoon and Jeewon actively discussed potential issues related to the content. Additionally, they confirmed no objections to the broadcast version shared by the production team in advance, adhering faithfully to their roles on the No Bbaku Tak Jae Hoon channel.

C9 Entertainment will continue to communicate effectively with the No Bbaku Tak Jae Hoon production team. We eagerly anticipate our artist support confidently fulfilling their responsibilities as a member of No Bbaku Tak Jae Hoon .

As Jeewon takes on this important role for a channel that so many love, we hope you’ll continue to support it.
We would like to ask you to watch Jeewon with a generous heart so that she can be loved as well.

Please pay a lot of attention to Cignature’s future activities as well.
Thank you.

CR. Koreaboo

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1. ㅎㅎ...

2. I'm at loss of words

2. Is this company for real?

4. No but... Can't they just sand still? Are they for real? 

5. I feel like they didn't have to say anything 

6. I thought they'd let it slide without an apology, but they're protecting Tak Jaehoon from getting sworn at 

7. The company's statement is legendary.....
8. If I were her parents I would've collapsed... Imagine my daughter hearing this 

9. The company has to be a troll 

10. Wow is the company in their right minds??

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