I was about to go back to Korea after a fun fan sign with Moa, but someone pre-booked the members' seats and changed the in-flight meal. I know I could've just not eaten it, but I don't understand why they do that or how they can change other people's meals like that.
I ate beforehand. Don’t worry.

This was the menu before

But instead that person ordered diabetic diet? Something like that, anyway they ended up changing it 

OP: Change the flight meal

Please enter your Asiana Airlines reservation number. (8-digit number or 6-digit alphanumeric combination)
- If you do not know your reservation number, please refer to the e-ticket itinerary.
Please refer to the invoice or contact the reservation center.
- Special in-flight meals are a service prepared for customers who cannot eat regular in-flight meals due to restrictions such as religion, illness/medical reasons, or age.
Applications can be made after reconfirming the reservation up to 24 hours before departure, only for sections where in-flight meals are provided.
- Customers who purchased airline tickets from a travel agency must apply for a special in-flight meal through the point of purchase or reservation center.

Selling TXT's Japan flight number and information 

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1. Wow this gave me goosebumps

2. They crossed the borders controlling even what they eat

3. I'd be pissed if someone touched my food... Why are they like that 

4. Isn't that airline way too sloppy

5. Crazy..

6. Crazy... They even knew their seat numbers, not only when their flight was?? Goosebumps ㅜㅜ

7. But how can they know what they were eating so they can change it to something else?

8. Wow

9. Wow I'd be so freaking pissed if someone touched my food

10. No but this is freaking creepy, they didn't even change it to something better, but something worse

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