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My biases are all not tall so I'm not sureㅜㅜ
Talks about height have been around for a long time so...
Also don't their height get talked talked about way more compared to female actresses?

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1. I do feel like they look at height more when it comes to actors than actresses

2. Yup height is important. Looking average + tall >>> freaking handsome + 170 cm... To be honest, it's the same for actressesㅠ everyone is so tall nowadays. If actors are 170 cm tall, there's just no chemistry...

3. Nowadays, all young actors are generally tall so that's why. Especially actors born after the 90's. I feel like there's a surge in tall actors. Nowadays, even looking 180 is considered short
> This makes me so sad...

4. I do think that it's important when it comes to conveying chemistry between actors and actresses!! Height is way more important than the face

5. Unless they are super short, they look fine. I just think that relative height difference is important for chemistry. I'm fine even if the actor is short if they have good chemistry

6. I don't think that actors over 175 get much talks about their height

7. Because it looks prettier when they are taller than the female actress ㅠ ㅠ

8. I don't think that height is that important. There are a lot of actors who have good on screen chemistry despite being short. Acting skills is the most important. People are way too loud about their height pride. In the end, actors are all about their acting

9. You need to be tall to be able to pull off the chemistry. Being good at acting and height is just the icing on the cake

10. As long as they aren't too short, I'm fine. But they still need to be over 175

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