Do people agree with this? 

IU is a singer-songwriter who simultaneously implemented auteurism and industrial strategy in the fragmented Korean pop music market. After earning the title of 'Nation's Little Sister' with the hit song 'Good Day', she did not stop for a moment and continued to hone her skills through collaborations with outstanding composers and singers in the popular music industry, creating a unique world of music. As a result, she achieved the status of a nation's singer that spans generations.
By expressing the process of growing up in your 20s in the language of youth, she secured sympathy from all generations. Refusing to be influenced by the agency's management and capital logic, establishing EDAM Entertainment in 2019 to lay the foundation for a one-person company and actively utilize new media to solidify fandom culture are also important contributions of IU to the independence of music. IU, who became the first Korean female solo singer to successfully complete a performance at the Olympic Stadium, is undisputedly a representative singer of the 2010s, and may be the last nation's singer that the Korean pop music industry can produce.

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1. Yup yup I totally agree

2. If you look at the Gallup's results this time, you know it looks like it 

3. From teens to adults, this is true for all. We don't even ask people "Do you know IU?" but rather "Which song do you know about IU?"

4. Yup yup... She's been promoting for 17 years... It's hard to have a star factor that runs for this long 

5. Yup yup, nobody would disagree

6. If you look at the teens, the 20s and the 30s, they all think like that 

7. Yup yup, it'll just get harder in the future

8. She's really a generation's icon...

9. I like IU but I don't know if she'll be the last one, you never know someone new might appear

10. I think that AKMU is the last nation's singers.. Even my grandma knows about them 

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