Crying in front of others is of course a no no, 
But don't even cry secretly in the washroom at the office
If you cry and come out, everyone will notice.

And those people who will comfort you beside you, behind your back will treat you like a r**ard..
Just never cry while in your social life...

The moment tears show, your colleagues immediately evaluate you and you become known as someone lacking sense.

People will just think that you're some colleague who can't control your expressions, and they'll wonder why you're tearing up when you're not even at home and while you're a grown up adult...? They'll stare at you as if you're some kind of alien 

If you want to rapidly rise in the ranking of colleagues you don't want to work with, you can cry...

A new employee in the office cried in the restroom and afterward, their colleague evaluation plummeted, making them the top colleague no one wants to work with...

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1. But even the people who criticize the people who cry to excessively, others will talk behind these people and call them psychopaths, they'll arguably be even more hated on ^^ 

2. Nobody cries because they just feel like it... It's because the situation is just so helpless and unfair that tears come out 

3. That's kinda obvious 

4. If you feel like crying, you can cry if that makes you feel better. Stop thinking about what others think, otherwise, how are you supposed to live your life?

5. Seriously to me, the kids who bash others for crying are even more disgusting to me 

6. And this is exactly why our country comes down to #1 on the OECD in terms of s**cide ㅋㅋ

7. It's true that you shouldn't show your weak side as much as possible..

8. Anyways, who chooses the colleagues they don't want to work with?

9. If I cry secretly, I hope people will pretend to not know 

10. It's definitely better to never show your weak side 

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