"When you go to the movie theater once, it costs 30,000 won; with that money, you can watch Netflix to your heart's content.

The special summer movie theater prices have completely disappeared. Even movies featuring top actors, such as 'The Outlaws 4' which attracted 10 million viewers, are suffering defeats one after another. It's as if every movie theater is on the brink of death this summer.

With the universalization of online streaming services like Netflix, movie theaters are closing down one after another.

'Wonderland,' starring Tang Wei, Suzy, and Park Bogum, failed to attract even 1 million viewers, signaling a downturn.

'Wonderland' garnered attention with its splendid lineup including top stars from Tang Wei, Park Bogum, Choi Wooshik, Jung Yumi, and a special appearance by Gong Yoo. Particularly, attention exploded with the first collaboration between Suzy and Park Bogum as lovers, and pre-release rumors of their romance.

Despite the sensational interest in the actors, this did not translate into box office success, leaving them in a situation where even reaching 1 million viewers seems difficult.

A CJ CGV official stated, 'The losses are substantial, leading to inevitable closures.'

As audiences significantly decrease, more and more movie theaters are shutting down. CJ CGV, which owns the largest multiplex theaters in the country, recently closed its CGV Incheon Nonhyun branch following the closure of CGV Wonju. Lotte Cinema is also reportedly planning to close its Dunsan branch in Daejeon."

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1. Wow this is a total flop 

2. Their problems will be solved just by them lowering the movies prices, why aren't they lowering it?

3. There are talks about how the movie was so boring that even if you get paid, they won't watch it... If the prices were cheap, maybe I would've considered watching, but there's no way now ㅋㅋ

4. In the past, whenever you were bored, you would go watch a movie, but nowadays, nobody will go to the movie theater

5. If they weren't even able to fill 1 million seats... It just means the movie was boring 

6. But Wonderland is a warehouse movie so these results aren't weird
> What's a warehouse movie??
>> A movie which is already done shooting a long time ago, but because they weren't able to premiere it, they had to bury it down for a few years!! Wonderland was done shooting in 2020, but they were only able to premiere it this year

7. Seeing how well Exhuma was received, this is definitely the movie's issue... If it was fun, people will go watch it 

8. It's just boring 

9. Huh? I didn't even know it was premiering 

10. The movie was so boring... It was severely bad. Even if the tickets are expensive, if it's fun, people will watch ㅋㅋ

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