"With the flow of time, I became 25"

(T/N: translating the text only)
"The producer asked me 'Jieun-ah, what are your worries lately?' and I answered him honestly. 
I told him 'PD-nim, everyone who sees me nowadays tell me 'you're already 25?'
'You're 25 and that's already old'
'You're at the end of your career as a girl group member'
'You should get some courage right now and achieve something'
I told the PD that those are the words that hurt me the most.
That producer heard those worries and told me 'Jieun-ah, how is 25 y.o considered old? What is uncertain right now? From now on, this is the start'
I broke into tears
These were really words that I needed to hear"

She released Twenty-Five in 2014
And it's already been 10 years now

The fact that such a song could come out during that time is impressive in itself. 
It became a hot topic and turned into a New Year's anthem. 
In the past ten years, there has been a big reduction in derogatory comments towards 25 y.o women, but this kind of talk needs to disappear completely in the future.

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1. Aigo, being 25 is still considered being a baby

2. I'm 27 and 25 doesn't look old to me at all

3. It was really like that 10 years ago. Idol groups' lifespans are so short and it's even more the case for girl groups

4. Nowadays, there's barely anyone who would pass a comment about someone being 25 though. I hope that we become a society that stops caring so much about age

5. Why is it only women who hear such thing? There are so many people who are indifferent when it comes to hurting others

6. I remember people who say that you're "half-50" when you turn 25 back then...

7. Jieun-ah, I love you

8. Wow it's true. Because of this song, there were so many people who told me "you're at the pretty age of 25 right now, it's not old at all" and comforted me when I turned 25 at that time... (T/N: the Korean title of the song is "The Pretty Age of 25") This song really had a huge influenceㅠ I think that it positively influenced the public art

9. She was so young...

10. Everybody ages. Whether it's men or women. It's something natural that is inevitable

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