- Didn't you say when women wear hot pants, their thighs must have friction between them.. Ew as expected from Jung Joonyoung's best friend
- Whenever I see Zico, all I can think of is Jung Joonyoung, you guys are a set
- Zico continues to upload his feed even if public opinion is not positive! 
- You're so shameless, your golden phone was blowing up during the Burning Sun scandal meanwhile you still have the shame to show your face ㅠ
- So are you going to go through that golden phone today?

- Golden phone
- Jung Joonyoung's best friend 
- Why are you the only one who was left out?
- Zico-ssi, Jung Joonyoung's best friend?
- Golden phone
- Hmmm *phone emoji*.. 

- Jung Joonyoung's friend Zico-nim, tell us what you were listening to on that golden phone :'( 
- Zico-nim! What did you find in the golden phone??
- What was the content in the golden phone?????
- That golden phone you held so tihght 
- Golden phone 

- That's you right? ㅋㅋWas the golden phone that fun?
- Are you a criminal?

- Was the golden phone fun?
- ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Didn't your friend Jung Joonyoung also hold a press conference saying he'd sue people?

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1. I hope he sues them all, what do those people think IG is for?

2. He already clarified the golden phone, if you don't believe him, does he have to keep clarifying?

3. Sue them all 

4. Why are they like that?

5. Are they all collectively dumb? This is insane 

6. No but are these people for real????

7. Sue them 

8. What did he say when he clarified the golden phone?

9. I bet it isn't easy to sue people on IG ㅎ

10. Their intelligence... 

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