On the 19th, the government declared a 'population national emergency' and discussed measures to combat low birth rates. Policies discussed on this day included measures such as pay for maternity leave, expansion of maternity leave, and relaxation of loan standards.

Among these, the implementation of night-time study sessions for elementary school students and the abolishment of minimum wage are receiving significant attention. According to what the government has discussed, keeping elementary school students up late increases the likelihood of second births within married couples.

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Only when we ban politics over the age of 50 will this country work

2. [+117, -2]
This is legendary, they really can't face the fact that women aren't giving birth because we hate men 

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So they'll start torturing elementary school students to have more kids ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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The big problem is that the f*ckers at the top see the people as one-dimensional single cells and beasts that are incapable of multi-dimensional, broad perspectives and diverse thinking. Looking at the measures being taken now, they are limited to how to breed men and women. Just see how they tried to enroll girls one year later, and now the night-time study sessions... Wake up. People are not beasts who give birth to children driven by animalistic, one-dimensional desires without thinking about the loss to the family that will be incurred by giving birth to a child, the future income, and the damage that must be endured due to marriage and childbirth f*ck, do you get it?

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This has to be fake news right? I can't believe that a country can be like this 

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