Seo Kangjoon... please, I hope that you can pick a good project like Byun Wooseok and hit big in one goㅠ

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To be honest, Seo Kangjoon should have gained popularity during "Cheese in the Trap." There are already too many substitute actors, and if he slacks off even a little, Park Hyunbin will come up (T/N: Seo Kangjoon is known as a "Park Hyunbin" lookalike - he's a trot singer)... But since he has the acting skills to back it up, he should follow the path of Lee Jehoon rather than being a rising star

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Despite his good acting skills, he’s often considered just a visual and usually plays roles like a "face genius." Since his acting skills are good, I’d like to see him take on more roles in historical dramas, noir films, or consistently appear in Netflix dramas or things like that

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The reason Seo Kangjoon can’t rise like Byun Wooseok is that, unlike him, he has already had several moments in the spotlight but never really exploded... He has done everything he could as a celebrity. Now, he can either continue taking on occasional roles and live as he is, or he could take a good project and let his acting skills shine. It’s too late for him to "shake up" the entire country. He’s missed too many opportunities. As a fan, I find that really unfortunate..

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Didn't he already hit big???

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Talking about Park Hyunbin, I recently saw him, and he seems to be back in shape. After his military discharge, he lost some weight and took care of himself, and he looks handsome again. During the "Cheese in the Trap" period, he was at his peak. Comparing him to that time, who could win...

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