It is shocking to hear that a student ass*ulted a homeroom teacher and a vice principal at an elementary school in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do.

According to the Jeonbuk Teachers' Union on the 5th, a third-grade student A cursed and ass*ulted the vice principal who restrained him from leaving school without permission at an elementary school in Jeonju on the morning of the 3rd (June).

A cursed the vice-principal with "Dog XX" and slapped him several times, followed by biting his forearm and spitting.

The school explained that despite the vice-principal's restraint, A finally left the school, and A's mother, who came to the school afterwards, also ass*ulted the homeroom teacher.

The homeroom teacher reported A's mother to the police on charges of ass*ult. A also made a fuss at another school and was forced to transfer to the school on the 14th of last month.

Since then, it is reported that A has made a fuss in the classroom and ass*ulted the homeroom teacher several times. In response, parents of the same class will insist on 'disturbing classes' and demand the Office of Education to prepare measures such as separation measures for A.

The school reported the case to the Jeonju Office of Education, seeing A's actions as a serious infringement of teaching authority.

Jeong Jae-seok, chairman of the Jeonbuk Teachers' Union, said, "The child has not changed despite several requests from the school for family guidance," adding, "It is a problem that local governments should actively intervene because it can be seen as child neglect."
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1. [+431, -2]
A parental test isn't even necessaryㅎㅎ

2. [+356, 0]
Putting their hands behind their back... that's something you do to stop a kid from hitting an adult. At the previous school, the homeroom teacher had to go to the police station for stopping a student from hitting by holding their arm. They got reported for child ab*se.

3. [+307, -3]
In the US, where corporal punishment is banned, students might play pranks on teachers but don't ass*ult them like this. That's because they get suspended immediately. Complaints to the education department or appeals don’t work there. If we were going to ban corporal punishment here, we should have at least given teachers some ways to control the students.

4. [+277, 0]
Look at the level of home educationㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+266, 0]
Teachers' authority has fallen so far it's practically disappeared into dust; A choding acting like this? Wow... This is why I can't stop myself from saying "back in my day." Kids these days are really impressive in so many ways

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