"Son Gain's recent whereabouts
She's still managing her diet + it's not specific but she's trying various things and doing something to show a positive appearance soon

Ah seriously, is she coming with a solo? Please, pleaseㅠ"

BEG reunited as a full group at Miryo's radio show recently.
"240620 on her way out of the radio show
I received a sign from Gain-ie"

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1. Cute... she totally hasn't changedㅜㅜ

2. Hul I just learned that she did drugs after reading the comments

3. Please come back fast

4. I'm side eyeing the comments. People are really supporting her?

5. Why did she get prettier than her last comeback?

6. She hasn't came back for so long. Isn't it time that she comes back with a new album?ㅜ

7. I hope she releases something like Bloom

8. Wow I just learned it after reading the comments.. So Gain did drugs;;

9. Her hair is cute, it suits her

10. I thought she took a break because of her depression

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