EXO-CBX (Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin) have filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment‘s CEO for fraud.

According to an exclusive report from Newsis, EXO-CBX and INB100 filed a complaint on June 25 with the Seongdong Police Station against SM Entertainment’s CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) Lee Sung Soo and co-CEO Tak Young Jun, for violating laws related to economic crimes. The basis of their complaint is related to the negotiated distribution fee versus what was required to be paid in reality.

Previously, INB100 stated they would file a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for their improper distribution system. Now, the lawsuit has actually been filed.
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1. Why are they like this, claiming they want to do group activities? I'm beyond disappointed, it's embarrassing to have ever liked themㅠㅠ Some acquaintances still think I'm a fan. Ha...

2. How far are they going to fall?ㅎ From the beginning, wasn’t it CBX who lied? They don’t seem to care about their fans at all.

3. If the commission rate was so important, they should have put it in writing. I can’t understand.. If they’re saying a verbal agreement is a contract, wouldn’t SM have confirmed with MC Mong before signing?

4. Did they judge that they had a chance of winning and decide to sue? If SM countersues with an injunction on IP, then they won't be able to do any concerts or anything else. This is too much for the fans who support them.

5. They could just block them from using the IP

6. Why did they sign the contract in the first place if they were going to do this? It's so weird.

7. The outcome will eventually show usㅇㅇ

8. I saw an article recently that SM is proceeding with a lawsuit, so are they counter-suing now? Right now, it seems like SM hasn’t done anything wrong, but my thoughts could change when the results come out. I'll wait to see the final outcome before commenting 

9. They’re acting so confident, even though they said they had no connections, but then joined MC Mong’s company

10. They've been pretty confident up until now so I knew that they would do this eventually

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